Little fixes to be a better Momma

  1.  Eskimo kiss
  2. Start a tickle fight
  3. Say “You’re so kind.”
  4. Pick wildflowers and rocks with your child 
  5. Race the grocery cart down an empty aisle
  6. Make up a secret handshake
  7. Gaze at the moon before you enter the house at night
  8. Take deep breaths and do yoga together
  9. Ask “What are you thankful for today?”
  10. Dance in the car at a stoplight
  11. Race to the nearest tree
  12. Give them a piggyback ride 
  13. Make shadow puppets on the wall
  14. Bring your child iced tea or hot chocolate just because
  15. Have a silly face contest
  16. Sing the ABC song as fast as you possibly can
  17. Make funny animal sounds
  18. Watch an ant hard at work
  19. Splash in a puddle
  20. Doodle a silly drawing
  21. Look into their eyes when you speak to them
  22. Start a staring contest
  23. Share a piece of chocolate
  24. Play Simon says
  25. Help them find a book to read
  26. Jump on the bed together
  27. Write down Grandma’s phone number and let them call her
  28. Scratch their back
  29. Bring them a pillow to prop their feet up
  30. Give a silly wink
  31. Sing their favorite song with them
  32. Do the “wheelbarrow” walk
  33. Tell knock knock jokes
  34. Give a high five
  35. Say “I love you.” 
Comment your ideas below to add to the list!

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