Grand Teton National Park, June 2015: part One of Three

The first day and half of the trip was us traveling from Minnesota to Cody Wyoming,
and then from that point to Jackson Hole and the Grand Teton area.

Cody Wyoming campground

Horses on the cliff in the morning.

Bits of Yellowstone we saw as we passed through. Very beautiful, filled with wildflowers. 

First views of the Grand Tetons. Breathtaking. Humbling.

The cabin where we stayed during our time at GTNP. 

The Colter Bay Marina.

Swimming in Colter Bay. 

Sitting on the shore, just gazing at the mountains. You could stay there forever, paralyzed in awe.
It changes your soul, grounds you. Brings your heart back to it's roots and what is truly
essential to life. This trip reminded me of my foundation, at a time in my life I was
coming into myself further but also greatly healing. Leaving Wyoming, I stood taller.

My lovely, My sweet. 


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