September 29th | Honoring her: Lyra Sage

Today my sweet baby girl could've been a year old :)
To celebrate her due date and this day that is special to us,
I'm blogging some of the images and things that are so important to me.

Her dreamcatcher & the feathers and baby's breath her Dad carried in his truck. 

Drawn for her a year ago. My baby sleeps on the moon. 
The tattoo I got for her on her one year birthday, April 22nd, 2015. 

Feather and hair clip that would've been hers. 

Cash, me and Lyra's lamb, snuggling and missing her. 

Her Dad and his luck that he carried with him. 

The night she was born, there was a meteor shower from the constellation of Lyra that we 
had NO IDEA about until the next morning. Strange, beautiful, amazing 'coincidences' that surrounded her birth and leaving this world. 

On her birthday

The tulips that were a sign of hope, that watched her birth and she was buried with. 
They are forever a symbol of my baby girl, her birthday and the love that her dad gave us. 

Her dad and I, when we walked together in life; and one of his many phone sketches for her. 

Hot air balloons were 'her' thing. It was on the first onesie I had bought for her, 
and they've been showing up in my life ever since. 

A year ago: 9.29.14
The willow tree we remembered her under.

"We hung our harps on the willow tree, still the wind formed hands and plucked out its melodies. 

Our hearts rejoiced as if it were a dream, when the seeds of our tears became a field of wheat. 
Look what he's done, look what he's done for us. He turned our songless night into a symphony of praise."

The infinity symbol.
"If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever."
Bought for me on my first mother's day without her.

Cash and her heartbeat bear.

My girls and Lyra's lamb

The incredible images of her I was able to capture.
She came into the world after just barely passing into the next,
blessed that her body was so beautiful and the lighting perfect for capturing her. 

Her birth. 

Loving, saying goodbye. I never wanted to let her go. 

Her constellation

Lyrid meteor showers on April 22nd, 2014

Things of hers

The moon, the night she was born.

Four leaf clovers, lotus, baby's breath; her daddy. Things that will forever remain cherished in my 
heart from the time in life that we cherished her, loved her together, and grieved her. 

September 29th, 2014. Remembering her last year.
Northern lights that night :)

Her birthday celebration: April 22nd.
Releasing the dirt she was buried in into the lake,
planting some with Cash's placenta.

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