Grand Teton National Park, June 2015: part Two of Three

This day we drove from our cabin in Colter Bay to Jenny Lake. Jenny Lake is literally right at the foot of the Grand Tetons. No words could accurately describe the magic of roaming the Earth below such majesty. We planned to hike around Jenny Lake to a swimming area. The rest of the girls were fast hikers and Lily started experiencing altitude sickness, so her and I eventually stayed behind and walked slower; which was good since we could take in more of the nature around us and stop to explore a little.

Looking over Jenny Lake from the trail, to the mountains on the other side.

The beauty of glacial waters. Crystal clear water. I couldn't capture the beauty of this water accurately. In person it just stole my heart. I am a water lover, it speaks to my soul. I could spend everyday swimming in those waters. 

Lily did not want to walk anymore, she was not having it at all. 
I stopped to give her a break and looked down to find a clover patch... 

With tons of four and five leaf clovers. It was unbelievable how many we saw in this patch. I counted 22 of them. Which ended up being quite ironic as I had NO idea I was a few days pregnant, and my baby's due date was March 22nd. 

 We found a spot to swim and give Lily another break.

Again, gorgeous, shallow water that I could have spent my whole life in. 

Signs posted along the trails warning you of the large bears, and what to do if you encounter one.
In a way I wanted to see one, or at least find some evidence of one.

Halfway through the hike back, Lily was absolutely miserable. She was way too sick to
keep going. Overall we hiked over 6 miles that day. So we found the nearest road and hitchhiked back. Thank goodness for the people who stopped. I'm always so surprised people can keep driving when someone needs help.

Once we made it back to Jenny Lake, we went into the building with the rangers, gift store and etc and Lily passed out and slept for about an hour.

Then we went to eat at a restaurant called The Peaks.


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