Making Baby's Belly Cast: December 15th, 2013

This night was SO beautiful! Tyler came over to help me do baby's belly cast. I had never done one with anyone with the other babies, so this was really special to have Tj be a part of it. :)  We had so much fun doing the cast. Afterwards, I took a bath to wash off the plaster, and he sat next to the tub with me. Baby was moving all over the place, and he was feeling him and getting to see his big stretches; it was amazing and beautiful to share with him. He was in awe of my body, the baby, and he seemed so happy. When my bath was done, he helped me with a few other personal things for the birth, which was also an incredible experience for us! After we laid out in front of the fireplace, talking, laughing, staring at eachother. The moon was almost full, and the light of it reflected onto the snow outside. Looking out the huge patio door from our spot in front of the fire, we could see everything as clear as if it were day. The night was spectacular. We laid there for a long time, were close and so many feelings of knowing: THIS is my BEST FRIEND. I love him to death. Cannot wait until baby is here! 

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