Little Love's Baby Blessing!

Baby Blessing + Mother Ceremony 

  December 7th, 2013 

My Grandparents home:
10559 320th St.
Park Rapids, MN

Time: 1pm

there will be light lunch foods, snacks + cake!  :)

On Saturday December 7th I will be having a baby shower/blessing way for baby boy. 
He is due December 26th!  

If you'd like to come, please rsvp by commenting on this blog post.
I cannot wait to see everyone!

  In the meantime, I'm asking that instead of gifts, 
if the guests could contribute to birth supplies and cloth diaper funds!  :) 
 I pretty much have everything I 'need' for baby, 
except for the birth supplies and cloth diapers for him, 
I'd like to get these asap just in case he comes early,
as I'm suspicious there is a chance he might!  

If I could at least get those things covered it would help
ease my stress of him coming earlier than his due date. 
the donate button below can be used to help with these expenses if you wish.  :)

You can always bring a gift if you'd like, 
I don't mind either way of course, 
but donations would be really appreciated at this time loves!. :) :)  

I'm beyond blessed *just* with your presence, 
so don't feel the need to do anything at all if you can't.  :)


His animal is a fox, or winter theme...
and his colors are orange, white and teal. 
 anything lumberjack or 'forest' works too!  
 A turqouise is his stone. 

Fox, snow, white, birch trees, 
soft, feathers, dream catchers, the moon... 
my little love.

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