a new little love . . . Video.

(click on it to watch it bigger)  :)

not planned, not expected, so much surprise. 
certainly scared and shocked. 
but now, 
embracing a soul, 
hoping, expecting, anxious, excited. 
still scared - but resting in the plans of God. 
He knows, He plans, He prepares, He helps, 
He endures, He makes a way.  

Announcing that sometime around December 26th, 2013 
we will become a family of 7.   

woah.  just . . . woah. 
we were married 5 years ago and I can tell you that 
we never, never expected to be where we are at this point.
but it's amazing . . . and scary a little. but so amazing. 

thank you to all who will rejoice with us, 
support us, pray for us, and love on us. 
we appreciate you so, so much. 


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