365 breaths 2013 | Day 79

The bunnies.

We borrowed bunnies from someone to do pictures, we were going to keep them for a week. The kids simply adored them, and the three oldest each got one for themselves, as 'their' bunny.  They loved on them and we had so much fun. Then I noticed that Elizabeth's bunny didn't look so good, so I took her and put her in the cage and soon, she had a small seizure and she died. Elizabeth was devastated, we all were so so very sad. Thankfully the owner of the bunnies completely understood and she said she thought something might be wrong. We watched the other bunnies but they both seemed totally fine. Once during the day, Lily's bunny started squealing weird but we checked on her and she was just sitting in her cage and she was seemingly fine. The next morning we woke up to find her dead as well.  It was just so so hard. I guess not that we missed them or anything, but it was especially hard because they were not our bunnies and it was just shocking, sudden and traumatic. We brought back the other little bunny and when she looked at her she said that she looked sick (her eyes were dull, lips were white, etc). So she took her and gave us three different bunnies as well as changed their food. Later we found out that the food had accidentally been mixed with the beef/cow food and that the bunnies had been eating that which could've made them sick enough to die like that. We will never know for sure but it was very very sad for our family.

 Cj's bunny, Lily's bunny & Elizabeth's bunny.

Poor sweetheart, her bunny died.  In it's box, ready to be buried in our yard..    :(

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