365 breaths 2013 | DAY THREE

For day three I am sharing some photos taken this summer of our lovely, Elizabeth Chyvette.

Last night I had a good cry over her little life. Sometimes I feel like she gets lost in between the other kids. Lily is always always talking to me, Elizabeth never gets a word in. Since Elizabeth was a year old I've always had a baby to nurse or hold and she never gets cuddles. For about a year and half I had never had an alone time moment with her.  It broke my heart once I realized it, and ever since, I make it a point to pick her up and cuddle her. Holding Oakley all day and Cj in the between moments, I often just feel like I need a break with my lap and arms to myself - but I'm giving this up on a daily basis to make sure that Elizabeth is getting love from me -- and that I have precious time spent with her as well.

She is the sweetest, spunkiest little thing. The term sugar and spice, and everything nice, fits her perfectly. She loves by picking on you, and she loves to be tickled or picked on - it makes her giggle and giggle. She is brave and fearless, but she is the most fragile of hearts. She is very independent and yet she would be lost without her big sister or a kitty to pick on. She will play for hours all by herself in her room, letting her imagination keep her company. She loves to do puzzles over and over again. She likes to make her own schedule, yet she can easily go with flow without a complain. She had the sweetest giggle and the prettiest eyes....

I cannot wait to see what kind of woman she will be!  Everyday she talks about 'getting big like you Mommy and having a baby in my tummy!".  Both of my girls are so anxious to be Mommies and to have husbands and serve God -- my Spirit is overjoyed in their desire to be homemakers and mothers.

Elizabeth Chyvette.
Chevy girl. Ocean eyes. Bumble bee.

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