365 breaths 2013 | DAY ONE

I've wanted to do a 365 challenge for a long time. Actually, I was planning on starting one immediately after Oakley was born, so that I could document his first year in an amazing way - but I never did it unfortunately. Procrasination and all that. (perhaps with our next baby? whenever that will be!) One of my biggest resolutions and prayers for 2013 is to really document our lives again. It is something that I LOVE to do, and something that during the summer of 2011, with how busy I was with photography, I really slacked and have been slacking since. Honestly, it breaks my heart a little! (well, a LOT).  SO, this is my first big step into blogging again, and documenting our lives. I am going to be posting every day, one or more photos of the intimate moments of our lives. During the 365 challenge, I'm going to throw in some of those other photo challenges, to mix it up and add some color to the project. The main focus is to do this for myself, and for our family -- and not feel like I have expectations from everyone else to do them everyday or to post something spectactular.  (which is a weakness of mine).

So here is my first day! 

   Handsome Oakley and his half blue half brown eyes!

 Our handsome boys in their batman jammies. Batman is our favorite.

 Miss Elizabeth, her wonderful expressions as she talks. 

Little pink roses and two lillies that Cj 'bought' the girls. I split them up for all of the kids when we got home. 

Nighttime for the boys, snuggling together - the best way! 

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