Oakley's Birth: part one

Finally, I have had some time to make a slideshow of photos of Oakley's birth. I also typed up a poetic type version of the story to share. I am still writing his full birth story, and trying to find someone with a video editing program so I can edit his birth video!  I can't believe he will be six months very soon!   :) 

Oakleys Journey Earthside.

Your journey began in July, softly placed inside my belly. 

Soft whispers filled my heart and our Creator confirmed His new blessing in August. 

So much Joy, two lovers waiting for a gift, So much excitement, three babies anxiously await their destined friend. 

My belly grew so big, bigger than ever before. I felt honored to be on this amazing path and blessed so greatly once again. Lord you are so great, so powerful. 

Cherished: the spirit speaks to me and tells me how beautiful this journey really is. I am in awe in realization of your life. You are alive. You are purposed. I am chosen.

Satan tries to steal my Joy. Bits of fear creep in the disguise of sheep, and I am crushed. This fear will linger with me until the hour of your birth and then Jesus will destroy the Enemy. Until then I cry out to God and receive His promises like a seal upon your life.  Continuing in Faith takes all the Courage I can receive from our Savior. Do not let the world make you hard, stay Faithful, Courageous. God has promised!!  He will be mighty to Save.  

You grow and grow and grow. Oh you overfill more than just my heart!  But I love, love, love this bulging of love and wonder. You are so perfect. I adore your kicks and wiggles. Every one of them is like a butterfly kissing heaven.  So honored. I am so honored. How can God love us SO much!?!

It’s Easter. I stare at the full moon. The same moon promised and gifted to Jesus as He prepared to win the victory for us. I feel connected to Him and the tests we endure. The battle is so strong. The moon is my reminder of God’s great love... His triumph, His power and majesty. 

Time comes closer. I am in Spiritual Battle every day. The Enemy knows I am a great arrow for God in a faithless world. I will not lose hope. I will not lose Faith.  I post His words all over the walls and I am constantly being filled with TRUTH while I rub my tight skin that carries you.  He loves us. 
Lonely. I crave to have a circle of women and love around me. Everyone is gone. I cry everyday. You kick me with all your strength when I’m crying. I remember that angels are with you and they are teaching you love. God wants me to remember His love . Everyone has left me and I’m all alone but God is enough.  He is enough. 

The time we’ve anticipated for you has come, and it goes. The Lord gives me many more days enjoying our closeness. We won’t have a short goodbye. I hold your big brother close, giving him all the love I can before I have to share. He nurses and cuddles and we feel you kicking us. Treasuring every gifted moment.

The waves come and they get stronger. Off and on, I am never really given a sign from my body. It’s Monday, the last day of April and tears fill my soul. I don’t want you to come today, I’m too upset. Daddy is gone all day and I paint a whale on my tummy. Jesus brings the sun out and I am excited for you to come. 42 weeks and 2 days....

.....Plus one:

Today is May, and all night my tummy was overcome with fierce waves. We prepare for you, today has to be your day!  The waves go away slowly and we wonder if you are still waiting to come to us. After hours of stillness, the waves start again, this time hard and more painful than I’ve ever felt. I dance and swirl my hips as my body prepares, it brings moments of softness. You come so fast, before I even know in my heart, my body tells me: “you will meet your baby soon, very soon”
We are all ready. Daddy and your little lovelies are excited and watching.  The Lord, you and me; we are working together to bring you into the world. Peace surrounds me – there has never been such Peace in my heart. I know you are safe and protected. He loves us. I don’t force you out. “Don’t push the river, it flows by itself.”  Easily and slowly, softly, you come. In between the breathing I cannot stop touching your soft head. It’s the most beautiful texture in the world. I can feel your heartbeat there, you are thriving. Jesus is so wonderful. 

I worship. The greatest form of worship,. . . .  bringing life. You are coming closer and closer and then you stay and stay, and stay. I pray that God will bring you to us, I am tired and my body needs rest. I tell Him I am starting to worry about you. The urge comes and I feel you moving down again. Oh, thank you Lord! 

Your head is almost here, and the burning starts. I want to give up, please God give me something to bring me hope. My body wants me to push again but I am scared.  God gives me a memory, “I love you baby”. . . I focus on my love for you, this is all for you... a gentle birth, a peaceful birth. I push as hard as I can and repeat it over and over, “I love you baby, I love you baby, I love you!”  And you’re here!  You let out the most beautiful cry and my heart praises God over and over. Every beat is a kiss to His feet. He is Glorious!  One more wave and your body is in my hands . . . a little boy. You are my baby boy!  Daddy and the girls are so thrilled. They are smiling and saying Hi to you. I grab you and we lay down and cuddle. You are crying and telling me how hard it was for you. Cj is worried for you and he cries too. 

Our family is so complete. More complete than it could ever be, it’s never been so perfect.

You look like your sister, Elizabeth.
Your eyes will be blue.
You have brown hair like your brother did.
You are the biggest baby we’ve ever had, but oh you are so gorgeous.
You are perfect. Just perfect.
All the Glory to Jesus.


  Please do not view the video if you are a man, thank you. Just out of respect that my body belongs to my husband. Also, it's not graphic, I've edited out any actual private parts, but I'm am almost nude in photos, and obviously -- these are birth photos! 

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