Dream 10/1/2012 : three angels prayed for me!!!

I haven't blogged in a looonnnggg time, so I apologize for that firstly. Things are changing and I will be back blogging again very soon. I can't wait! 

I wanted to quickly share my dream to you, as I feel God wants me to tell people about it. He is so very wonderful and when you ask with an honest heart, you DO receive from Him. I have had dreams before where I've been prayed over in them and I hadn't had one in a long time and was wondering why that was. God spoke to me and told me that I could ask Him for them, that He wants me to tell Him what I want to experience, what I need Him to do for me and that He will do those things gladly because He loves me. So I asked for more dreams. I am continuing to ask for them with great anticipation now!  Here is my dream from last night in brief detail. It is so hard to describe what God feels like!  I could never put this dream adequately into words, but here is the breakdown of what happened! 

Dream 10/1/2012  : three angels prayed for me
I was alone and went into a bar. For some reason I had a coupon at home for a free drink there and told the bartender that I had it at home, and wanted to use it on a rootbeer. He gave me the rootbeer and I started drinking it. A man from down the bar came to me and started talking about what he does, he said he makes music noises for sound effects. I said :kind of like Midi?”  and he said “yeah sort of”. “my husband is majoring in music technology, so that’s why I kind of know”.  Then I walked down and a lady bartender said I couldn’t leave without paying for the rootbeer. I told her I had it at home and she said she was sorry but I couldn’t leave and go get it. I asked her if I could go find something really valuable in my care and leave it as collateral and she said that’d be okay.  So I went out to the van and when I got to the door I noticed the window was broken and everything inside was destroyed and our stuff was stolen. I realized someone had broken into to it and stole our stuff. I was looking inside, then pulled my head out and looked again at the outside of the car and then noticed the whole thing was upside down on the ground and the lights, windshield were broken and all the metal was gone from the front. I gasped. Liquid was draining out of the engine fast and I was afraid it was gas and the car might explode. People from the bar came out and were talking to me from behind my back but I never saw their faces. We said we need to get it flipped over. It was then I noticed three very old, very thin, homeless looking men, with medium skin tones,  praying next to the car. They were all holding hands and I could hear them faintly saying “Lord Jesus we... “ and then just whispers. I said “oh how cool! It’s awesome they are doing that!” and started walking towards them because I wanted to pray with them. They now seemed glowing white and the sun was setting in the sky so golden tones filled the ground and long grasses. They wore beads around their neck and had loose fitting white shirts on. As I walked closer they would run and suddenly appear farther and farther away but stayed in a circle and never let go of their hands. Soon I was in a field. A white fabric flowed towards me and it came into focus as a big ‘ghost/lady’ looking object on a string that the farmer that owned the field would use to keep birds/crows away from his crops. The sun made the field appear golden still and it was so beautiful. The men seemed to glow white.  After the scarecrow thing was out of my complete focus, I saw the three men again praying in the field. I could then feel an overwhelming presence of God over me and started to cry. I felt so happy and so honored. I told the people behind me ( didn’t see faces) that I knew they were angels because I could feel the Holy Spirit all around me so strongly. I wanted to cry and just sit there forever in the Spirit. I felt as though my heart would explode from joyfulness and God’s love on me. Suddenly the men stopped holding hands and speaking and started sprinting to the left of the field towards a road. I noticed they were wearing the greek/roman tie up sandals.  As they came to the road a group of people were walking scattered across it and they all disappeared in a second (almost like a quick explosion) and their clothes fell to the ground in a pile. I gasped and smiled huge. I told the people behind me (couldn’t see their faces): “Did you see that?”  They said “what?”  and I said that they just disappeared. My dream ended there.... I felt very joyful and amazed at God. I felt as those those men where my best friends and like I just had a desire to be with them no matter what. They brought heaven to earth and it drew you to them because you felt ‘at home’ or ‘at peace’.  It was so beautiful. I wonder what they prayed about but I am feeling that it is to bring a HUGE blessing of money or something we are needing onto our family!  Recently I felt the Spirit telling me that IF I ASK, I WILL RECIEVE. And that God will bring blessings onto us if we KNOW, not just HOPE they will happen. I feel that this dream was a follow up of that and a confirmation that Holy things are working for us right now. I will be praying constantly -- I will be praying to them to be around us and bless us and that they are welcome to our home; I already feel like they are here now, following from a distance and blessing our 'stuff' of the Earth/World that is a burden but that God DOESN'T want to be a burden. He doesn't want these things to be a part of our life and hold us down. I will be praying to God for my three angels that prayed for me and that they will continue to bless me. I want to see them again!!

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