ONE Baby!!

Originally we had prayed and decided to not get any ultrasounds with future pregnancies, unless we really felt God wanted us to. We aren't totally 'against' them, but definitely don't think they are something that should be considered fully 'safe' and that there is a possibility of danger with them. There is also a lot of Glory to God that I have seen come from them and I do think that they are used for amazing things sometimes!! 

Well, this pregnancy has been very different than all the rest. I have listened by doppler just a couple of times (we use caution with that too), and every time I heard two heartbeats, plus the placenta and cord pulses/flow. Not only that, but my measurements have been greatly larger than my gestation, and when I do feel the baby, I cannot just feel one, but it seemed to be a bunch of 'larger' parts. We were very much suspecting twins and prayed about getting an ultrasound confirmation.  After three months of not being sure if we should or not, just before Christmas I felt God said yes.  (couldn't it have been a little sooner? -- haha).  Today we went in and got to see our ONE baby.  Yes, there is only one. So many have been 'sure there's two in there'.  And I still don't understand myself how there is only one, but there is according to the ultrasound. (Although I do not consider them 100% accurate and don't believe that this is for for sure anyways).  But we are planning for one baby and are peaceful in one baby. 

We did not find out the gender, we only planned to if there was twins. So we are still going to be surprised on that.  (:   Chris says he thinks he saw what 'it' was -- but he isn't sure either and he is fine not assuming what he saw was correct.  And oh my -- it is really hard to NOT find out!  There are NO cute gender neutral clothes anywhere! Why?  I don't understand how target and walmart can sell these super adorable 'woodland' themed swings and etc that are perfect for either a boy or girl AND are super cute -- yet all they have are super ugly ducks for neutral clothes?  Are you kidding?  I suppose, everyone finds out the gender nowdays almost. So it's just not 'popular' or something.  If any of you know of some really really cute gender neutral clothing -- let me know! 

Our theme is kinda a woodland type theme. It's somewhat popular right now and it's super adorable. Just perfect for not knowing if we have a little boy or girl in there.  :)  

Here are a few pictures that we got today. And by the way, if you are in Springfield and need an ultrasound without having OB care (like me), then go to :  Tammy was so nice, she is a Christian, and she traded with us for services since we are totally broke right now.  She is pretty neat!! :) :)

So what do you think?  Boy or a Girl??  :)

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