Six months & a Perfect home

24 weeks on the 24th.  :)

I hope to get a update on maternity pictures soon. :)  And I will have a large update hopefully very soon here on this pregnancy; I just have to wait for something which I hope and think is happening on the 2nd. :)

It's kinda been a blur of days and even though we accomplish a lot; I always feel weighed down by what we didn't or still have to accomplish - you know, those things that have been there on the 'list' for months or even years?  Life is much too busy in this world we live in. Somedays I am overwhelmed, and it seems those are the days that I get almost nothing accomplished. Other days I just don't care about what has to be done and I live peacefully and do the things as they come or as I can. It's those days I feel most accomplished. Those are the days when God reminds me that 'we are just passing through' and that because of our fall, we can't have a perfect world. I think we strive for it so deeply because our hearts were made for it; yet it isn't here. This isn't our perfect world and we need to stop striving for it. It's an illusion, meant to distract us from the Truth -- the only thing that will ever fill our Hearts is being at home, with our Father, Guide and Lover.

Many times I feel very broken and hopeless and I cry out to Jesus to just take me home. I desire to be there so greatly sometimes.  And then, I am reminded that with Him -- I'm already Home. HE is everything I need, so although I am physically living in a world not suitable for my soul -- spiritually when I've given myself to Him,  I AM home.  Sort of like that old saying, "home is where your heart is."  If our hearts our with Jesus then our Hearts are our home. He is our home.

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