Little flutter

 Hello my sweetness, reminding me that you're here.
Oh how I can't wait to see your precious face.

 I promise:
to put your life, in God's hands.
I refuse:
to listen to what science tells me about your growth or birth.
I will:
follow the Spirit's lead, with a soft, obedient heart
go where He goes. 
That is the plan for your life.
That is what I will breathe into your soul. 
Every decision from Him.
Every diagnosis confirmed by Him. 
There is no man or test that can tell me better than He. 
You are His and I give you to Him. 
In the womb, on the barrier and on the Earth. 
It is the greatest gift I can give you. 


(I just LOVE this picture! Lily snook in while I was taking the picture-- it's my favorite!)
yeah, my mirror is nasty dirty! ick.  :)

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