23 weeks

 I am glad to be back in Missouri again!  I have all my sessions complete and after sending out one CD tomorrow then I will be work free for awhile! Yay!  (:

Currently I am 23 weeks but will be 24 (Six months!) on Christmas Eve. I'm so excited. It is amazing how slow but incredibly fast pregnancy goes! I cherish every moment of it.  My husband and Lily took some pictures for me right after we got back about a week ago. I'm going to be doing pictures every one or two weeks I think from now on out. I have so many plans for this pregnancy God has given me; I just need to accomplish them! 

At 24 weeks you can expect a full post about everything with the new baby and God's plans for us. I am also going to be getting up some old posts from this summer still within this next month, along with milestones for Lily, Elizabeth and Cj.  I just edited Cj's first birthday pics the other day! Seriously?  This summer was way too unorganized and things got pushed off to the side that never should have, mostly our family.  This next year will not be like that. 

So for now, here are some pics.  (:   A couple from before, and then the ones that I just had taken for me.  :)

21 weeks  -- measuring about 25 weeks!!
This was 20 weeks.

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