Tiny Pregnancy Update

I am soooo busy this month! I cannot WAIT for my upcoming 'vacation' from photography for a few months just to get on track with our family, this blog, ministry work and etc. I'm so excited to have a few months of preparedness!  So during that time I will be updating a LOT more -- and I will be praying and figuring out schedules for this summer too -- so that I won't be so busy that I can't still keep updated on our memories and this blog. I really feel like it's something that I should be working on, regardless of the readers or how many there are. God wants this blog to be abundant. . . and . . it's sort of lacking. There is SO much He wants to me write about and share! But I am always getting too caught up in the world and it's ridiculous deadlines.

Here is a little pregnancy update ... FIRST I wanted to show you some pictures of my pregnancy with Elizabeth and Cj -- note how many months/weeks I am in these and my size. Then I'll show you some of me now.

With Elizabeth, at 6 months.
With Cj at 6 months.

With Elizabeth at 19 weeks, 3days.

Elizabeth at 6 months.

Okay, now of my belly tonight:  I am 19 weeks and 3 days:

Yeah -- I'm huge this time! My fundal height was very large at first,
at 12 weeks I measured 14,
At 14 weeks I measured 16,
At 15 I measure 18.
At 16 I measured 20.
And now it's stayed at 20/21 ish but my tummy has popped out a lot more.
At 40 weeks with all my other babies, the inches around my belly was at 40-42.
Right now, it's 39. And I'm not any bigger around my waist than before, I lost about 13 pounds
during morning sickness, which lasted until 4 months! It usually stops at 1 to 1.5 months.

This baby, at 17 weeks.

I can't wait to discover more about this pregnancy, and record and watch my belly grow and see what happens with it compared to my previous pregnancies. (:  I love the miracle of pregnancy -- it is so amazing and gloryfying to God. It is truly something to be honored and treasured!

At 20 weeks I will be starting a pregnancy journal of photos every two weeks with my good camera. So you can expect some really cute, super nice photos coming soon!!  :) :)  :) 

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