Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Halloween Secret is Coming out!

Yep that's right -- we've been keeping a secret, for quite some time now. And today's the day that we are letting it all out.

But first, here are some cute Halloween photos of the kids in their costumes: 

 Of course, Henry, Brandi, Metallia and baby Harley came too: 

Alright. So, the secret. It has to do with my 'costume'. 

I was a Mummy. A Mummy of Four.  

Yep. Four. 

Two princess ballerinas.
One little Biker.

And then  . . . . .   the little surprise in my Tummy::

We've known since about 6 weeks that we were going to be a family of SIX in April,
but we weren't ready to start telling people yet -- or at least, everyone that is.   

I am 16 weeks and 2 days.

I know that a lot of people may be thinking we are crazy (or irresponsible) for having so many babies. So I just want to write a bit about that. First of all, we don't try to conceive. And people might think this is equally as crazy -- but we leave that up to God. We know many couples who do the same -- some have been married for years and have never conceived, some have many children, some have only two. We even met a couple who had 5 kids in three years! And after that -- no more babies and they weren't stopping it from happening again.  Many adults who are older than us seem to think that because we are young, we just think this having kids thing is a big joke and something 'fun'. Well I can assure you that our level of maturity is way past any of that kind of attitude, and that even when we were pregnant with Lily -- we knew and could somewhat comprehend the amount of time and love that must go into raising children.

Secondly, a lot of people look at our financial situation and say that we aren't in any place to be having so many children. I'd like to point out that no one really knows what the situation is -- or if they do, they know that although we are certainly not even close to middle class and that we sometimes get behind on things or go without things some months --- we have always been able to provide for our children with very, very, very little help from my grandparents. (unlike a lot seem to think).  We have gotten somewhat farther by their help -- like for example, them buying us a washing machine, our computer (for Christmas) or borrowing us $100 every once and awhile and then us paying them back when we get paid -- etc. But we have never lived off of them, or had any type of substantial support in caring for our children from them. 

Anyways -- my point is that, I'd really really like people to be respectful and either trust that we are okay, pray for us, or just leave us alone and not talk bad about us. That especially goes for family who always seems to make some super cruel joke -- yet they have never once begun to take the time to get to know us. (and if they wanted, they could!).   

We are confident in ourselves, our hearts, our souls. We know what our God has promised us and He has never once let us down -- even if it has looked like it. What I've come to see from Him -- is that we are sooo much more blessed than we can ever imagine and that our countries standard of wealth and having it good -- is completely overexaggerated and only ruins families by making them strive to 'look' like they are supporting their families. What really, really matters, is how much you love your children. How blessed you feel just getting to see their faces everyday. And I will not look at something as evil as money and then look at this beautiful gift from Jesus and say that I am worried or stressed over the coming of him/her.  

Here are some bible verses that really have made me realize how much God has this under control.  (: 

Look at the birds. 
They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, 
for your heavenly Father feeds them. 
And aren't you far more valuable to him than they are?

Matthew 6:26 

For You made the parts inside me.
You put me together inside my mother. 
I will give thanks to You, for the greatness of the way I was made brings fear. 
Your works are great and my soul knows it very well.  
My bones were not hidden from You when I was made in
secret and put together with care in the deep part of the earth.  
Your eyes saw me before I was put together.
And all the days of my life were written in
Your book before any of them came to be.  

Psalm 139: 13-16

How blessed are we really???  

11 comments on "Our Halloween Secret is Coming out!"
  1. I think it is wonderful that you guys are giving it to the Lord about how many children you have. Some will never understand, and that's not between you and them anyway. It all ends up being between you and God because he is in control!

  2. LOVE LOVE THIS LEAH!!! This is such a beautiful blog!! You are an inspiration and exactly right about trusting the lord with all things!! Your faith is beautiful. . Don't let anyone cover your light. .You are a shining star in this dark and perverted generation. . and God said it best your children are like arrows!!! Mighty against strongholds and mighty in the power of the Holy Ghost. . I will keep your family in my prayers :)

  3. Congrats on your new blessing! We've got six blessings and are still not in the financial position most people believe they need to be in to have one, lol. But somehow God always provides!

  4. My parents did this as well and I remember one year where they had struggled financially (with 8 kids) and they sat us down and said that there would be no presents that christmas...but honestly, we didn't really care...we handmade gifts for each other and that year was my FAVORITE - the next year my dad got a raise and he has put away money for my little brothers to go to point is that God carries us through and He provides for the important things and teaches us to live without the not so important things. And when we make it through still praising Him, he blesses us in unimaginable ways. No one knows God's plan but Him and He knew of all of your children from the's not important what others think because that little one has a purpose here and I'm SO very excited to watch your family grow again. I look up to you and your faith...I will be steadfastly praying for your family as it grows. I think that this news is MARVELOUS!!!!!!!! Congratulations

  5. Wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It is so refreshing to be uplifted and encouraged by my wonderful sisters in Christ. I am so blessed. All of your words were so true and encouraging -- thank you all. (: Love you!

  6. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is wonderful news! Children are a blessing and always a reason to rejoice! YAY!!!! Second of all, you make beautiful children who clearly are loved, nurtured, and taken care of excellently. You have no reason to feel as though any explanation is owed to anyone, although I do understand how you feel. I felt the same way when we first found out; I was concerned what people would think with our babies being so close together, etc. But really, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks or says. This is your family and your life and you are handling it responsibly. Your children are thriving and lovely! And that's what matters. Just rejoice! This is great.

  7. What wonderful news, Leah! I believe that with more kids, you definitely have the opportunity to focus on the *stuff* that matters (relationships, service, contentedness), rather than the stuff of this world. We, too, have had Christmases of little and Christmases of plenty, and our kids don't remember any of them more than another based on the stuff they got! It is also a blessing to have family that will help you in a tight financial situation; remember that even families with a few kids have those moments, too! And if your grandparents are willing to help you without making you feel guilty about it, what a HUGE blessing they're being, and will receive rewards in heaven for it (I'm assuming they're Christians). :)
    I commend your gentle admonition to your family and friends that remain unnamed. :) Hopefully they will feel the Spirit chiding them and using your words and the way you view life -and practice GOD'S control in your life- to impact them for the better.
    Finally, have you looked at the Quiverful movement? There you will find many people who are like minded, and can give you encouragement, advice, and be a soundboard on the harder days. I admire your zeal for life, for our Savior, and for your family! My prayer is for your marriage, for your health, and for you all to keep focused on Christ.
    And congratulations!!!

  8. Yay! Congratulations! I had a suspicion based on some of your recent pins on pinterest! I am so happy for you and your BIG family! Your faith is so honest and inspiring I know that God will provide and do great things for all of you! I can not believe how big your babies are getting! The pic of CJ peaking from behind his glasses just kills me!

  9. Congratulations Leah and Christopher. Children are God's Blessings! God somehow will provide for your family. The kids are growing so fast - cute pictures of the kids! Stop by sometime when you are in the area!

  10. Leah--
    I just hope you always remember that you are a wonderful woman of God and an incredible mother. I hope that no bad words come your way because of your new gift from God. If so, I know you have the strength to get pass them. Everytime I read something of yours whether it is on facebook, your blog, or your photography website, it is all sooo positive! I admire you for that, and I truly believe that you and Chris can give all your love to all of your children, be it 4 or 4 million. I wish you all the luck and God bless you and your beautiful family.

  11. Hi Leah, I just found your blog and am following along! Congratulations on your new little one! You have a beautiful family. Sadly once you move past 2 children it seems to become fair game for people to let fly with the comments. Once someone said to my husband, "Aren't yah gonna get fixed?" My husband smiled a little and then said, "Clearly, nothing is broken." I though good on yah honey!!! We have never tried to have or prevent children we have just let them come when they come. We have had awful things said to us. As for finances that can change for the better or the worse in a blink of an eye, whether you have one child or 20! I got pregnant with our 6th child while our almost 5 year old was undergoing cancer treatment. There were a lot of people who let us know that they disapproved. Crazy isn't it, I think our little #6 gave us something wonderful to focus on and look forward to during a very difficult time. I cannot imagine our lives if we stopped when people started telling us to stop. Letting God chose your family size can be very freeing and a lot of people don't seem to understand that. People will make all sorts of comments but when you feel bombarded by the negative comments just remember it is God who created them. Blessings to you and your growing family. Hope you'll pop by and follow along with us too!!!