Here we are

TWO years ago -- little Elizabeth and Daddy.

Wow. It has been quite a long time since I have had the chance to update on this little blog -- huh? Our summer has gone by crazy fast and was filled with mostly work. We did have some fun too, but not as much as we hoped for. I know most of the blame is on us -- we weren't as organized or motivated as we should have been. It gets tough when you are living with other people -- it really turns your priorities and your family's own little schedule and groove upside down. I hope that when we/if we go back for the summer or long time again, that we will find a little house to rent for that time.

Well, we are back in Missouri, we have been for about a week now. I am going to start blogging more again soon --- there is so much to get caught up on. The first post I am planning on doing is coming soon and may be a bit controversial. I am writing about vaccinations and whooping cough. Ooohhh! Exciting huh?  We are so radical.

We also have to do a few milestone posts on the babies, and also birthday and other posts. It is going to be pretty eventful. (:

This blog will also be changing in the next month or so -- we are hoping for a makeover, new pictures, re-writing of our story/purpose and a change of direction. God is really inspiring us to do more and be more and although I know the time isn't here yet, it's coming -- and you all are going to be a part of that. Aren't you special!  Haha. One of the main things that we hope to change about our blogging experience, is that -- I don't want this to be a pedestal of our life -- it is a pedestal of the people Christ saves. Because we are so flawed -- we aren't perfect. It's about truth, inspiration and fellowship. And that big one is: fellowship. I don't want you guys just to be my followers (really, stalkers, right?)  but friends and loves. You guys are important and this shouldn't just be about us. 

The biggest and neatest news is SO amazing and that is coming soon! We don't know when we can spill the beans about our newest little change in our life -- but hopefully it will be soon.  (: 

Love you all.

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