Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our little Place in Missouri

Before we left for Minnesota a month ago, I took some pictures of our apartment. I have finally got them ready for the internet -- it's been such a long time because my grandma's internet is super slow and I have to re size all the pictures; which takes forever.

We live in 'apartments', that are somewhat like town homes. I'm not really sure exactly what they are. They are three levels: basement, main and first floors. But there are eight of them lined up in a row to form a building. They are also really narrow so although we have three floors, our space is limited -- especially since the basement is unfinished and really not anything but a dirty garage. (with spiders --ick.)

I didn't get very good pictures of everything. So it's a start for showing our little home off. Because of our moving all the time and lack of money -- our house is kinda plain and really white. I can't wait until we can have our own home someday, one that we own and that we can decorate and create in.

 Books in the living room

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