Thought I'd share this morning about the 'church' we go to and talk a little about praise and worship.

Many people are part of a church regularly -- they go and listen to the message, sing a few hymns and leave feeling ---- the same. Churches today are far from the Spirit of God. They are showing people that religion is important and a relationship with God is just something that some people have. That the Holy Spirit of God is for the 'weird' Christians. Paul said in the bible that religion is wrong:

Jesus said that the only way to the Father was through Him. How? How do we go to God through Jesus? Many would say to just believe that Jesus was the Son of God, was killed on the cross, and rose the third day and now resides in Heaven with God. I say -- nah. You can believe in God or believe in Jesus -- that doesn't make you a Child of God. That doesn't bring you to God. We can only go through Jesus to God; by being in a relationship with Him -- loving him, befriending Him, spending time with Him in worship and prayer. We gain a relationship with Jesus when the Holy Spirit enters our hearts. At that moment, you are saved. At that moment, you know without any doubt -- that God is real. At that moment, you fall in Love with Jesus. You have accepted Him into your heart. THAT is what brings us to God --- THAT is what so many 'Christians' today are lacking.

The Church is highly missing the Spirit of God. Even the ones that claim to believe/embrace the Spirit. Our hometown church is an Assembly of God Church. Many there are filled with the Spirit. I never knew what should really be until we moved to Springfield and started learning about other churches that we had never know of before. We started reading about the early church and how it was started and what the church is supposed to be. Most of our churches today are not even close to what they should be. Satan has taken a foothold in our churches. So many are following 'religion' and not the Spirit of God. I fully believe that is why the church has such a bad reputation in our country -- because it is not what it is supposed to be!

I will be contininuing this post soon. Describing what a church should be.

For now, I'd like to leave you with an awesome worship song that is really full of the Spirit, and a link to an amazing Church that I love listening to whenever I am having a hard day or just want to be filled with God's Wisdom.

Have a wonderful Sunday, I love you guys!!

What Church do you go to? Have you felt the Spirit before? (trust me, you will know without a doubt if you have. If you aren't sure -- you probably haven't). What do you think is missing in the church today? What do you think is glorifying in the Church today?

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