When everything is fallling apart . . .

It seems the majority of people look at our life and assume that because we are filled with Joy and in love with life it means that things naturally go well for us. I cannot begin to tell how off that assumption is.

Our kids go crazy.
Everything, and I mean everything, Most days, is falling apart, unorganized, crazy, chaotic, stressful.
We are broke, all the time. (seriously, broke). 
No one is here for us. (seriously, no one).

We are alone. We are less than perfect. We feel defeated. We are mad at each other. We treat our kids wrong. We make big mistakes. And do them over and over again when we know they shouldn't be done. 

But that's where Jesus comes in. 

And He picks up our shortcomings. 
He takes our hurt and turns it into Joy. 
He takes our mess of a family and turns it into perfectness in Him.
He takes our finances and shows us a deeper life without the world.
He takes the stress and sorrow of parenting and turns it into love and mercy to the hearts of these souls He's given us. 

So if we seem perfect, it's not us . . . It's HIM.    He picks us up. He dusts us off. He spreads our wings. He shows us love. He fixes the broken-ness. 

And in turn we love Him, praise Him, Worship Him. 

When the storms rage and the waters rise, the house built on the ROCK will stand firm. 

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