Butterflies from the Spirit

I just had to gush about today.

it was so amazing.

Normally, I am always or most of the time, 'In the Spirit' but today was just so overflowed by His amazing love.

It was like butterflies fluttering all over in my Heart.
Kinda like the song "He Loves" when he says:  " My Heart turns violently inside of my chest".
Kinda like that.

Gosh, I LOVE you Jesus and I cannot wait to spend eternity with You.
I thank you everyday that somehow, I was able to give up enough of my 'self' in order to love You so greatly. For, You are the greatest love ever. You lift everything away and all that is left is hope peace and love!! NOTHING else! No sorrow, shame, bitterness, regret -- nothing.

I love You Lord.  (: (: (:

Check out this amazing song that I discovered today:

Makes my heart smile. :)

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