Thursday, June 2, 2011

busy busy busy busy

Jeez -- I am slacking! Well, actually I am working really, really hard. I promise to have our Florida trip on the blog super duper soon! Here at my Grandma's she has slowish internet and I can't upload pictures at regular size or it takes foooorrreeevvveerrrr. So I have to resize the ones that I want to put on the blog. I want to get that done as soon as I get caught up with my regular work: I have tons of pictures to edit, orders to process and CD's to send out. Ugh. I need a day or two of the rest of the world on pause while I work. That'd be great! On Saturday I have another session, and that will just add to my work load. So I am working as hard as I can today to get things done before then. So be patient with me --- I promise to start blogging more : there is soo much to talk about! I want to post again today just getting caught up with the kids and what we are doing in our life right now. So stay tuned!

Much love!
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