Beautiful things and not enough time

And .. . . life is pleasant.  busy. amazing. flowing. renewing. inspiring. longing . . .

We have been so extremely busy here in Minnesota. I've been taking tons of pictures, meeting with amazing women (who are having babies!), seeing friends and relatives and also working with and helping to grow my brother and his fiance.

We are doing so many things for others and in the name of God. We are short on time for ourselves or our own family --- something that we need to get prioritized.

Lately my heart has just been so saddened for the people around me. I feel conflicted often. I have been trying to stay in the Word to help and keep my heart on great and amazing paths; but I often put it aside.

There is so much that I hope to accomplish and improve. I know that with the help and strength and support of the Holy Spirit -- I will be able to see these goals happen.

So for now, here are some of my goals for this next week:
(during and by the 21st)

* Organize and schedule working times
* Schedule special family trips
* Set up a Family schedule (somewhat routine bed times, prayer and worhsip times, alone time, etc)
* Schedule talk and prayer time with Chris
* Practice Music with Chris
* Edit all pictures and get them Organized
* Finances
* Catch up on Blog  (: (: (: 

Here are some pictures from the previous month:

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