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So here it is! The long awaited post!

What has been going on in our lives? Well . . . so so so much!

So -- after Mother's Day and Florida (both of which I haven't blogged about yet) . . . (but will be soon) . . .
We got all packed up and drove back to our hometown of Park Rapids Minnesota for the summer. Being away from home always seems to make you realize how much the place you lived was either sucky or awesome . . and for us -- it's the latter. I always hated Minnesota -- I guess I never realized the beauty of it here -- I mean, I even like the winters now (which is absolutely crazy for me)! I am gearing up for a full post about the amazing things about Minnesota; and the things that are a downfall (like dozens of huge misquitos or -40 degree blizzards). Like every place, MN has it's sucky things -- but I think it's a great, great state and I've really grown to love it here. One thing that I have really, really learned to appreciate is the lakes here. I mean, I guess I never realized that our license plate says "land of 10,000 lakes" for a reason -- because we have a bajillion lakes! Moving to Springfield was a big wake up call for that one! We have one lake in Springfield and then one other lake -- an hour away! Do you know how crazy that is for me? I  mean, in Park Rapids area alone we have 400 lakes!! Let me say that again --- 400!  So to only have one in our town -- is crazy! I am a water girl -- I love the water and I love swimming and being in the water -- so to be somewhere with no water, is pretty sad for me. Although -- I absolutely love a ton of things about Missouri too. I've told Chris so many times that it would be my dream to mix Missouri and Minnesota -- and make them like, a state away from the beach. You'd have all of my favoritest things in one place! Well -- Jesus is making my home in Heaven according to my heart; so now you kinda know what might be in store for me! Haha.

So what are we doing here? Well, I am doing photography -- because I have a large base of clients here. (no advertising -- only word of mouth -- which is awesome!). Chris is working in his guitar method. We are working, along with my brother and sister, on music and starting to play and sing and write together. I am writing a christian birthing book. I am also witnessing, educating and providing midwife services to various women/girls who are due this summer. There are a ton of other things that we have been sent to do -- but those are the greatest of all of them. And I am soooooo thrilled to finally be moved to do these things! God is finally allowing us to work -- and we are finally having enough Faith and overdose of the Spirit to actually trust Him. It's just amazing!

I plan on updating about the kids soon -- because I am far overdue on that too. And there is sooo much to talk about that Cj is doing! The girls are doing new and neat stuff too. So, baby posts are to come soon.

And I promise, I will be updating and writing more often!

Much Love!

( a makeover is coming also). haha. :) :)

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