Sweet Babes (a picture post)

I love sleeping with this precious boy every night.
It is a blessing to wake up in the morning to his sweet face!

No makeup day  -- ha. ha! 

Sweet boy!

My favoritest boys in the whole wide world! 

Just waking up from his little nap.

 Slugs!! (kinda cute)

The little goofy girl. (but so precious.) love her to death.

Sweet girl. So spirited. She's like the wind.
And loves being called a little dreamer, my Lily flower or Mommy's princess.
She talks all day about her wedding and that she's pretending to be married.
The royal wedding was amazing to her -- she went around the next day
carrying flowers saying she was pretending to be married.
And that she was mommy's princess.


Cute undies.  (and feetsies).

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