Growing in Grace: Christopher James : Nine Months

Christopher James December: 

Oh sweet, adorable boy. You are my treasure. Nothing can so accurately describe you as A Blessing. I am beyond thankful that we have parented you as God intended -- reaping a beautiful, joyful relationship with you. Something that we have just gotten with your older sister and something that we are still gaining with your oldest. You are always loving and playful. I cannot wait to see the amazing and charming little boy you'll be! I can't wait to see the man you'll be! I cannot wait to meet the beautiful woman God gives you as a Bride -- and I cannot wait for the day I will see your little babies!

This month you are Nine months old! Last year we had known of you growing inside of me for only two months and we were just getting answers about birthing you at home from God. It was an exciting time -- it was a time of change.

This last month you have shown us the super charming little man that you are. You are sweet and adventurous. You love your Momma and Daddy so amazingly much but both of us in a different way. You still sleep with us every night and you still love to cuddle and get to know each other while we breastfeed. You play with your sisters all day; and you play with yourself a lot too. Outside time gets your little boy eyes glowing -- you love to eat whatever you can find. If you weren't our BullDog Jr. I might call you Little Cow. You love to pull Lily's hair and swat at her. You love her so much and you already know how boys show it: by teasing!. You don't tease Elizabeth that much, although you certainly do love her as much. It seems you two do have that deep 'twin' connection. You both live as though the other is non-existent -- yet you can see in how you present yourselves you are always aware and looking out for the other.

You refuse to eat any solid foods unless you are in control of it. You won't let anyone else feed you and you insist your food is on my plate and you are using (or at least holding) my fork while you eat it. You don't eat much, just little bits of food when we eat. I need to start getting you to eat more fruits and veggies. You don't use a bottle or sippy. But if you do find one of your sister's sippys on the floor you are very happy to find such a treasure!

You love to stand up on things. You hold on with one hand, but don't try to walk much. You still army crawl everywhere -- but you are super speedy. You only start to crawl if you are on an uncomfortable surface (like the sidewalk) and don't want to slide on it.

 Milestones and Memories from April 2011:

*April 8th: We went to the park today and you sat in the grass with Mom for awhile. It was dark out and there was a cool breeze -- it was beautiful. I picked the grass and put it on your legs and feet and you would giggle and giggle -- it was adorable! My heart melted all over the place! =) You are a precious little boy! I love you so much !! =)

* You hit (slap my chest) when you are hungry or want to nurse

* You fight sleep so much -- it's adorable but at times frustrating when you are super sleepy and I know you need sleep. So I just hold you or let you play until you get tired enough. You are transitioning slowly -- I am staying patient and knowing that you need time to learn to sleep on your own.

* We bought you a 'Sleep Sheep' -- it plays ocean waves, whale songs, raindrops or a heartbeat. The 1st tow are your favorite and we play it every night when you go to sleep!

*You do a cute, whiney laugh when you know your going to eat, like when you see your boppy pillow or the nursing cover. =)

* You LOVE it outside!

*You LOVE water and taking baths! I'll put just three inches of water in the tub and you'll go crazy crawling around and splashing!

*You are the happiest, giggliest, cutest little boy ever! I Love You! [my baby bulldog!].

* You climp up the stairs whenever you get a chance! You always get caught crawling up and then I pretend to 'get mad' at you and you start giggling and try to crawl up faster. Lil Booger.  =)

* 4/9: You were playing outside and Mom and Dad went inside for a minute and then Lily came in and we heard you crying. Dad ran outside (we thought you were crying because you were all alone), then he came in holding you and your head was all bloody. Dad asked Lily what she did and she said you did it. We then realized that she had tried to pull your walker up the stair and it had fell over -- causing you to fall and scrape your head. It didn't seem to hurt you at all and it wasn't very deep -- it just looked nasty.

*4/28:  First Clapped! Started clapping after we prayed (the girls always do).

*4/28: First head-banged and First 'sang' with music!

* You LOVE reggae music!

*You've started giving BIG smiles to us! They are soooo sweet!

BullDog Jr.



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