Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend consisted of leaving Missouri early Thursday (well, as early as we could since Chris still had to go to school that day), then driving 13 hours up to St.Cloud, Minnesota; where we stayed with Chris's Mom for the night. We left early the next morning and drove three hours to Park Rapids, making it just in time for my Grandma Dena's funeral.

Her funeral was amazing. I'd have to say it was the highlight of my year. Sounds crazy, but in our family, we fully realize that funerals are a celebration -- and that while we are sad that we won't see the person again on this Earth, we know that if their heart was right -- we will be seeing them again soon in Heaven. Although no one can know for sure where we go after we die (heaven or hell), because God is the final Judge -- I have a very good idea that my Grandma did go with Him. She was prepared for her death. She had been in the hospital 'to die' many times. She was at peace with her going at any moment.

All of the 'talking' in her funeral was her pastor telling everyone the Truth: that we are either with God or we aren't. That we are all not children of God. That to be a Child of God it means that you have accepted Jesus in your heart and you LIVE like you are a Christian -- not just say you are. Even the Devil believes in God -- believing in Him doesn't mean a thing. If you aren't a Child of God, then you are wicked. You are a child of Satan. And that you cannot water down the Truth. You can't add whatever you like into the Truth of God. You can't put your own ideas into it. You take it as it is. That is ALL I want my funeral to be. It was so uplifting and just amazing. Funerals are usually about the person who died, talking about their life and what they did. But just like Chris and I want, her funeral was all about the Truth of God. I've always wanted put on my gravestone: "Save sorrow for the souls in Doubt."  Meaning that, I know where I am going -- Cry for me a short while; but who really deserves your sorrow are the people dying today who don't know where they are going; because most likely it's not Heaven.

                          (Lily and Cj in their Quilts from my Grandma Dena at her Burial)

The funeral was also an amazing experience because all of our family was there. People on my mom's side of the family very rarely get together and that day everyone was there and we all were nice to eachother. No fighting or petty arguments over drama.

During this whole experience, I have changed so much. My whole family and I, especially my Grandma Dena -- it seems like there has always been a wall between us. And I will never be able to explain 'what' changed, besides the fact that I love them so much deeper. I allowed God to work in my heart that day and remove it. I don't know how. It just was like a huge weight off of my heart. I care about them so so much, regardless of how they treat me. It's so strange. One of the times in my life where I'm just saying thank you, thank you Lord. You've come through for me just in time.

So then on Saturday, we went to Fargo so I could take pictures of Kaylie in the NICU. {visit the HelloGoodbye foundation here}. My sister Crysta went with and so did Chris's little brother Mikey. Crysta, Chris and I talked about the 'vision' that Chris and I have for an album; and talked about starting the writing process. It's so exciting!! I cannot wait for this summer!! I wish I could tell you all about it, but it's a secret! :)  Crysta sent me some lyrics just the other day, so I'm working on that right now.

Then Saturday night we went up to my Grandpa Ron's house (my Grandma Dena's husband), and spent some time up there with him and Rebecca. I have some pictures to share with you from time spent there:

Painting I gave my Grandma Dena for Christmas.

Elizabeth's first time touching a horse!!

My brother Henry and his daughter Metallia. Her first time touching a horse!!

My littlest sister Megan.

Megan again.

Lily :)  Held by Brandi, my brother's girlfriend.

Then we left early Easter morning for home! (and got here at 3 am to rainy messes!)

So that was our Easter weekend. No egg hunts or anything. Maybe next year will be a little more fun for the kids. But it was a pretty neat weekend for me anyways.

In case you missed my last post about FLORIDA click here to check it out!! We are seriously thinking about going. We would be on the west coast, and if a few people want pictures, we will be around St.Petersburg (we wanna stay at Fort Desoto).

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