Growing in Grace: Christopher James: Eight Months

Christopher James : Eight months old!
Height:  25 1/4 inches  Weight: 18.2 lbs

You pull yourself to stand on things. You are very interactive with us. You are starting to play with your sisters. You scoot around on your belly really good but you still don't 'crawl' with your belly off the ground. 

Eating and Sleeping
You eat bits of solid foods like pastas or breads -- but not very often. You still eat milk from Mommy all the time! You no longer take very many naps -- at the most two per day. You still sleep with Mom and Dad at night -- but if you are asleep when we go to sleep we set you in the co-sleeper. Then I put you in there through the night if I am awake enough; but most of the time I just wake up to position you and then fall back asleep immediately while you eat. During your naps I put you upstairs into your crib now, instead of in the living room in the playpen. 

 3/3: saw your first squirrel!
3/1: went outside and you were playing with a leaf when the wind came and blew it away you were so surprised!! It was really cute!
* you will give us big open mouth kisses if we ask for them
3/9: gave your first kiss! (to Dad)
Elizabeth looking into Cj's playpen -- very excited he is awake!
*if we leave the screen door open you will zoom out the door super fast! You love it outside!
*Elizabeth loves you so so much! She likes to find that you've woken up from a nap or sneakily gives you food. She also loves helping you get out of your carseat once we've gotten home. I can't wait to see your relationship together progress as you get older!
3/26: sat in a kneeling positon
3/28: sometimes you'll let go of things when you're kneeling against them
3/28: you chased Elizabeth around the living room: you were both laughing and having fun playing together!

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