Fellowship and Other Things

This last Saturday we traveled to Kansas City, Missouri to take pictures. The couple were originally going to pay for our gas, but then he lost his job -- so I prayed and we got the answer to go for free. So we did. And it was amazing!! I knew that Andre and Candace were 'christian' but I did not know what their faith was really like. It was a huge blessing to spend time in Fellowship with some solid christians. We had such a great time. You can check out the pictures here: www.ourheartsbeating.blogspot.com

 There is also a link in that post to listen to and buy Andre's new album - which he did with three other guys. Andre is "Black Sheep" and him and the others make "The Empire". If you like christian rap/hip hop music you should definitely check it out and purchase their album! The album was released the day we got there -- so it's kinda crazy that he lost his job, but then the next day God started providing for them. They are so faithful and believing on god's promises -- they don't even have a car right now or anything. But God is sending his people to take care of them. :)

It was so nice to be there, and be with someone other than myself and crazy children. I am going crazy by myself all day. I wish that they lived closer and we could spend more time together. I really, really need a friend!! Please, God, . . .please? But for some reason -- I am alone. We are alone. I see God's reasons and I trust Him. I can feel that in the future we will be surrounded with support and fellowship -- but waiting here -- in this trail and time of drought -- it is hard. Very hard.

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