Anyone want photos in Florida??

I had promised I would post last night, but I didn't.

So here I am today. I guess it'll have to do!

Today is Chris's last day of school. Well, not last  -- but last real, full day. Next week he has a few finals, that will make him leave home for an hour or two a day. Hopefully.

And all this thinking and praying about moving to Florida has made me have a HUGE gigantic urge to take a trip to Florida! I would LOVE to go!! So, I know a few of you that follow are from Florida. Anyone want to book a session? Or urge their friends to book a session?? (hint hint) haha. I'm sure most of you know that I have my photography passion/ministry, Heartbeat Photography?? If I got enough sessions, we could probably take a trip. So this is worth a shot. I'm not going to get excited about it -- but if you are truly interested, here are the details:

Session includes:
1-2 hours of time
unlimited outfits
unlimited people
A CD and Copyright of 40-150 photos!!

For:  $160.

We would need around 6 people to book a session. We wanna go to Fort Desoto, so we can do some beach photos!!  So it's kinda up to everyone. Anyone interested??  You can check out the Heartbeat Photography website and blog to see a portfolio.

Email me at :   and I will keep you updated about when and if we go.
I am just cravvviiinnggg some beach fun. And spanish moss. And alligators.

I will be posting some adorable pictures later tonight, and do a few other blog posts!! Have a wonderful day! :)

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