Soul Sister

This is me and my little sister Crysta.
Isn't she beautiful?
She is the oldest of my three younger sisters and we are the closest.
We have the same Mom but our Dad's are different.

Ever since we were little, she has always looked up to me, and for awhile, my actions did not do good for her. I was not a good role model -- man I cannot imagine what would have become of her if I hadn't found Jesus. She would be on many dangerous paths.


But instead, here she is: going to be 16 in December -- she loves God immensely even though she has
been through some pretty nasty crap, just as I have. She is staying pure until marriage and she is so passionate about helping others and writing. Sometimes I think we are twins at heart. No one, not even Chris, 'gets me' like she does. I love her so much because she is the only one I think on this entire Earth that really truly understands me and how my heart beats. I thank God often for her -- that we were designed so closely. I cannot wait for the day that she can branch out of her parents' house and enter the world. I hope with all my heart that God puts us together in this world -- that has always been our dreem -- to live together (or as CLOSE as possible).


Since we where little, we would always call eachother 'soul sister', because even though
we are blood sisters, we seem to be soo much more than that. But when Train came out with that song it kinda made our saying weird -- haha -- but we still use it anyways.

I just picture her and I living together in this house with our husband's and kids -- doing ministry, singing together, writing and just having fun for ever. If not here -- we are so going to be doing that in Heaven!! (: I cannot wait.

I love you Crysta! And thank you GOD for giving the world this amazing soul and for allowing her to be my SISTER!

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