a small update on our simple life . . .

~In my weakness, Lord, your strength is so much stronger ~

It is Spring here in Missouri and we are loving it. In Minnesota we did not have very many blooming trees -- but here they are everywhere and it is gorgeous! Missouri is a very strange state in spring time -- you see, in MN there was a distinct summer, fall, winter and spring -- but here, it seems the spring and fall either fall into the winter or summer categories and the weather is changing all the time. For instance, today I can see my own breath -- but a few days ago it was 75. Every week and day by day it goes up and down from hot to freezing. But, I am glad to be here, where it is warm most of the time -- yesterday here was 60 or so but in Minnesota it was -2!!

I do miss Minnesota though. I miss the people there and our family. There is much more of a network to minister and help there. It's hard knowing all those people that look up to us so much, but they are too far away to truly help them or be a witness. I want to move back there now. But we are not sure where God wants us. We are still praying hard over what we should do next year. Staying here, moving up north, or going to Florida are the main options. Staying here seems to be the strongest on our hearts but we are not 100% sure of what God is saying yet -- so we don't want to make any fast decisions and do this wrong. We are also praying about Chris going to school --he isn't sure if God wants him there anymore. I can see how He may or may not want him -- so it is 50/50 right now. It would kind of be a bummer to have him quit now -- after all of this money we have put into it. I really don't know -- but I know God will make a way for us and that money won't mean a thing.

I really wish I was updating more on here -- but I have sooo much that I am behind on and it is overwhelming. I really wish I had a best friend or a mother with me right now. Someone who can help me to do what I need to while Chris is at school and working so hard on his music. I feel like I have fallen off the merry -go- round and it's spinning away without me  . . . Will I ever be caught up?? I have soo much still that I have not gotten done. For three years I have been trying to tackle all of these simple things!! I wish I had a nanny . . . or a friend. But I am all alone here. sad. Maybe someday God will put someone in our lives -- again, this is where I just wish we were in Minnesota. !!

We have a month before Chris is done with school and we will be taking a two or three month trip to Minnesota to visit and work. I will be photographing and also doing some birth workshops -- I am very excited for that!! Chris might be working at the restraunt for awhile. Although -- it would be awesome to have him be off completely for awhile -- we will see what God says about that.

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