A post from CJ.

Hey everyone -- just to let you know . . . . I am getting really big!

(. . . . .  and super cute!!)

I love to use a sippy cup! I often steal my sisters and will suck on it
for quite a long time even if there is nothing in there.
Mommy doesn't like this so much because I am supposed to
be exclusively breastfed -- but she says that I am my own little person,
so I can drink and eat how I am ready too.
She still feeds me . . .   all.the.time.
But I sure like these sippys!

I also love to suck on my fingers. It looks goofy . . and cute.
Mommy is hoping that this won't last until I am three.
That would be goofy.
But little boys are reeealllyyy goofy.

Yeah . . I don't crawl but I climb. I suprised Mommy one day
by climbing onto the changing table. She thought it was crazy. .
but . . no big deal. Us boys, we are good at these things.

I was just showing her how big I am . .
I definitely wasn't getting into things I shouldn't . .

. . . especially not my sister's hair clips.
And then one day I really surprised Mom and climbed . .

.... into the changing table.

what? no big deal.

shoot -- dropped that cream. . .
Oh, I also like to stand up.
Yep, don't crawl . . . just climb and stand!

and fall . . .

hmmmm . . .

I kind of sit up by myself. But standing is more my thing.

I also love, love, love, love being in the wrap with Mom!
It used to not really be my thing but now that I'm older it is my favorite.

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