Women Living Well Wednesday Link Up Post

I have linked up on the Women Living Well blog for Wednesday. I absolutely love their blog, she shares a lot of advice and information -- click the button below to visit!


At this moment, God has told us to homeschool Lily. I have been researching different curriculums and getting an idea of how much it will cost and what all we will have to do.
Shortly, we will start schooling Lily by ourselves here at home, without a curriculum. I'd like to do a little bit of unschooling -- where you allow the child to learn things at their own pace instead of forcing certain subjects on them. Mostly, I think what we will be doing is un-schooling, but following the state rules for homeschool curriculum also. I guess we will see soon -- as God has really been pressing this on my heart so I have been researching and thinking/praying about it a lot lately. (in fact, that is why I was on the Women Living Well blog tonight).

Well, I have many pictures to edit before bedtime, so I will leave for now. But I will definitely be posting more about schooling -- it's SO exciting! (:

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