God is Transforming my heart . . . and a Picture Post!!

I am finally back in Missouri now. And man oh man -- I am busy. (just like always)

But more than that, I am being transformed.

Isn't it just amazing when you can feel God changing your heart in huge leaps everyday? 
He has been really really working on my heart, mind and soul these past few days.
And I am loving it.

And as He works in my heart, a lot of my blogging and business direction has been changing too.

I can't image not being in the passenger seat for my life. And letting God just take the wheel and drive.
Do you know how much scarier that would be? To not trust in Him, love Him and just say: whatever it is -- whatever I go through -- you are here and that's all I need.
I never have to question what I am doing, as long as I know it is 100% Spirit led, and its wonderful to not have doubts.

So I really, really want to recommend an amazing blog to everyone. It is called : A Holy Experience. And it is absolutely refreshing and full of the Spirit.  Visit it by clicking:  {here}.

And, now for some pictures. (: 
I haven't got too many, since the past few weeks have been busy and have flown. It makes me sad.... BUT now that I'm home, there will be many, many!

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