Loneliness and Self

I feel alone.
Life as a Christian can be so lonely sometimes. It feels as if sometimes I am one of the only ones who actually understand, know and love God. That other people are just liking the idea of God but don't actually have a relationship. Either that or they have a relationship, but they take what they want out of the Bible and don't try and discover what it really says or means.

I no longer understand the human defense. I never care about defending myself, only about defending Truth. So many Christians seem to be so. . . full of Self. If you see something questionable and mention your opinion or what the Bible/God tells us they snap back with a defense. I, honestly, am glad to see people bring up areas in my life that may need improvement. After all, if we love God and really have a true relationship with Him, wouldn't we want to know if we were doing something that would take us away from His love? Especially if it was something minor that would slowly and unknowingly drive a wedge in our hearts between ourselves and God?  I know that I would! If I'm doing anything that could harm my relationship with Him I want to know!!  Why don't people care about that? Why are they so quick to defend self and so slow to fight for their relationship with God?   Of course, I know this answer. Simply because we are human and that Satan is the father of lies; they have already fallen into the lies that 'self' matters.

This life is lonely, sorrowful and harsh. But God's love is joyful, outlasting and full of friendship. Being a Christian is the hardest thing in the world, but knowing God, loving Him, and having the creator of my heart and soul know me. .. that is the greatest thing in the world.

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