A song to melt your heart . . .

The day started off on the wrong foot. . . well, actually at the feet of Satan instead of the feet of God. I'm sure you know all too well how those days go . . . I could very easily see what was happening, who was really controlling my heart and I got frustrated and at about the same time Lily misbehaved and I ran to her and yelled at her and spanked her . . . . and broke my heart. . . and Lily's heart. . . and God's heart. I was angry and I yelled at Chris, slammed the door to our room and sat down wondering how I got this way. So mean and angry and critical. My daughter didn't need me to treat her like that. My husband didn't need me to treat him like that. God didn't need me to treat them or myself like that. God didn't want me to wake up and walk past Him without so much as a Good Morning Dad; and especially without a surrender to His hands. So I woke up and handed my life to Satan and that's where it ended up :  me in the bedroom with the table in front of the door so Chris couldn't get in; and me sitting there wondering why I was so mean and why I just wanted to run away for a few months to take a break.
I put in a Tenth Avenue North CD that I had listened to maybe 5 times out of the year we have had it and right away God's presence filled my heart and I surrendered to the lyrics of the first song: By Your Side.  Oh, the power of God's music is so triumphant in quenching Satan's whispers!  A few songs later, the Holy Spirit had taken full force of my heart as I listened to a song I had never heard (listened to, but not actually paid attention to), called -- Times. Oh it is so beautiful! I wanted to share it with you, it is so beautiful! Enjoy.  

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