Much to Discuss

Oh Boy. I have been unbelievably busy! These past few weeks have flown by! I cannot wait until after the holidays for our schedule to slow down enough so I can get to blogging and have this baby caught up on the babies' milestones and all that. I'm sooo behind! Finishing by Febuary is my goal! I am also working on the launch of a Christian Birthing blog -- which I hope to have up and full of information soon! Those are my top two priorities at the moment. As soon as the birth blog is up I will fully be announcing it here -- so keep an eye out for it by the 2nd month of 2011!!

Chris and I are now in Minnesota with family and friends. We made the trip up on the 22nd and he is staying until the 10th -- when he'll leave to go back to school; and I'm staying until sometime in the beginning of Febuary -- until after my friend has her baby boy. This first week of January is full of photography sessions, I'm so excited for them and will be posting over at my blog. Then the 2nd week I hope to relax and work on this blog and get caught up with the kids' things and almost completely launch the birth blog!

Well I must go for now, I have lots of editing to do and a little girl who is still awake watching Dora. ;) Happy New Year everyone! :)

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