(Big) Picture Update!

 My wonderful husband starts his Christmas vacation after this week and I will finally, hopefully, be able to finish the posts that are long over-due from months and years ago, and add them to the blog! Also, during January I will have a little more help with the children since I will be at my Grandma's, and I hope to finish anything else during that time! I absolutely hate being behind on things, although it seems that is the story of my life. God is always placing things on my heart and with my amount of compassion and preaching desire, I want to do everything . . right . . now!! He gives me all these ideas and things to do, says go ahead, and then waits for me to realize that I can't possibly do it all and turn to Him for help of which is most important. It's very, very confusing: to tell my desires from His. Something I am working on daily. 

Here are some memories, milestones and happenings over the last month (or two).


Cut my hair. . .    :(

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