I've been super busy AND sick! Which is so overwhelming everyday. I love us being completely on our own, but I do miss just having someone to go to every once and awhile. Some fellowship would be wonderful. God has placed us here for a reason. He has made us lonely, for a reason. I will take this time to be thankful and prepare. Right now I still have hard enough time filling my own heart with His love until it is running over, let alone another family or friends. So even though I am lonely, I am content.

Elizabeth and Mommy = cute twins!

Halloween 2010: 11 days later  :) 
But here they are - our little monsters! Lily is Bat Girl, Elizabeth is  a Pumpkin Fairy and CJ is a Monkey.

We had no idea where to go and hadn't prepared for Halloween at all. So we left at around 5:30 and drove around town looking for Trick or Treaters.

Things seemed pretty hopeless: we couldn't find anyone and we feared we had came out too late. Thankfully we spotted two or three people and went down that way, finally finding streets full of happy little children in goofy costumes.

Lily was so excited! I love how she gets so happy when we do things as a family like this. I think she is a lot like me - she doesn't care for 'things' but feels loved and happy when people show her love through doing things with/for her.

We even got asked if Cj and Elizabeth were twins! haha! Irish Twins. :)
The blonde babyshells: Elizabeth & Lily

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