Tattooed Mamma

So here it is! My tattoo!

This is before . . .

See how the letters are broken in areas,
the text is very blurry and not crisp. (it's only 2 years old).
Also, there are three red 'stars' around the tattoo,
that ended up looking more like asterisks.
It sucked.

So Here is it now:

This is only 14 hours after, so it was a little swollen.
I will take some more pictures today.
It looks so much better!

And it HURT.
The first time I had it done, it hurt but I could stand it.
It was more irritating than anything.
This time it was VERY painful.
It may have been because it was over the previous tattoo,
and I guess sometimes that hurts more.

This tattoo was very very hard for me to get.
I LOVE tattoos, and I want more
BUT a friend recently shared this link with me

I only got this tattoo done because I couldn't stand
leaving that old ugly thing on my arm any longer.
I am scared because I am breastfeeding and I
know that chemicals probably got into my bloodstream.
So I have been praying like crazy that God removes those
chemicals from my blood.
Most black inks are natural inks,
I'm hoping mine was, I never asked the artist.
I did have purple in the tattoo too.
Which may not have been natural.
I do plan on asking them if they use natural inks.

Tattoo inks can have so many chemicals in them,
and I had never thought about that before.
It is SCARY.
Please, please read that link!!
Especially if you have or are planning tattoos.

Now I guess they make natural tattoo inks.
I cannot say for sure whether they are actually chemical free.
But I'm guessing they are better.
Here is a link about them:

My reccomendation would be to always use a natural ink!!

Why did I get this tattoo?
It is my husband's name.
The bottom part reads:
I will wait for you, Pray for you,
Decay with you.

This tattoo is my vow to God and the world that I will never leave
my husband.
That no matter what happens,
I will wait for him to get better,
I will wait for God to heal him.
I will pray for him,
because the power of prayer is bigger than divorce.
And I will decay with him,
no matter what.

The bottom part is actually from 'our' song:
Heartstrings by Demon Hunter.
Here is the video!
This song is so beautiful!!
(and if you read the page about our wedding, you'll see in my vows
and that I worked the song into them. )

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