Stainless Steel Cookware

Aren't they just pretty?
I love them!

So why Stainless you ask?
Please read this link:

So to sum it up, Teflon coating, when heated to medium or high heat
releases chemicals. These chemicals can coat your thyroid,
a gland that produces hormones.
If you get a thyroid disease, it SUCKS.
I know, becaue, I have one.
Currently, I have been losing handfuls of hair every day.
I can barely wake up in the morning,
I am constantly tired.
Even if I just woke up 15 minutes ago.
sluggish and icky.
And I feel sore and sick.

My thyroid is not producing the hormones it needs to.
And I refuse to take thyroid supplements because they have always
seemed to affect my babies.
And we have no insurance.

So I'm doing herbal supplements at the moment,
and most of all - praying.
Because the power of prayer can conquer anything,
because it is our link with the God that MADE me.
I have faith He can fix me too.
(He's already done it two times before this on my Thyroid).

So these pans are just one more step in helping my thyroid stay balanced
and working correctly!

And look!
Almost fully plastic free in our utensils too!
(plastic, when heated or cooled releases chemicals too,
so essentially you are eating plastic. and it is BAD for you)

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