Welcome to Springfield!

Well we are here! I was hoping to have this blog all complete by now; with all the girls' journal/keepsake book entries and milestones complete but we have been SO busy! Once our 'main' rooms are somewhat intact in our new townhome then I'm going to be setting aside a certain amount of time to work on here. I really would like to give our friends and family a quick and easy way to catch up and keep track of us now that we are so far away!

We left for Missouri on Tuesday, August 16th. We drove to Des Moines, IA that first day, arriving at 2:30 am!! I fell asleep for a few seconds at the wheel and had to have Brandi help drive for awhile. Not good !  I'm sooooo glad Henry and Brandi were able to travel with us! It was a special time for us and I loved having them! It made the transition a lot easier since we weren't completely leaving everyone. The next day we got to Springfield at around 11pm. It was SUCH a long trip. We had to stop pretty often because of the kids but still didn't stop as often as they needed. We stayed in a hotel in Springfield and were welcomed with TONS of crickets!! Ick! I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the south.....but more of a love!  Missouri is just beautiful to me....I can't imagine Georgia or Alabama.... I've ALWAYS wanted to live there, even though I've never been there. The trees and just the atmosphere is gorgeous. Plus I LOVE the southern hospitality. So far we have noticed that the reputation of the south is holding up.... people are very nice and curtious. Very friendly and open, not as stuck up as in the north. I adore it!  I wish it wasn't so far away from our family.....but I would be COMPLETELY okay with God settling us here or even deeper in the south. My ONLY complaint is the spiders and snakes. Spiders have always been a source of fear for me, but recently in MN I had become a lot more content with them...and now we have poisonous ones. Which really isn't a worry for me personally, but if one were to bite my children.....I couldn't imagine. So it's a little scary. Especially since I didn't expect to see any - I thought they were a danger but somewhat rare, and just yesterday a Black Widow greeted me in the kitchen...not cool. You know it's strange how Beautiful the Black Widow is, yet so deadly. There are all these ugly, nasty spiders that could never harm you and then there is this beautiful one that is so poisonous. Seriously, if Black Widows weren't so harmful I wouldn't mind them in my home one bit. I've always seen pictures but in real life they are magnificent!!

Well, hopefully the blog will be finished soon, along with our home. :)  I love and miss everyone so much!! 

in love, in Christ ~~  Leah

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