To Lily: Letter from Daddy

To my Lily Ann,

wow, so much to say. Yet, so little paper and ink . . . Anyways, I know this letter is about 5 months, 16 days, and few hours (and minutes) late, but I'm going to start this anyway.

Alright, first off I"m very very glad you could join mine and your mother's life, you mean so much to us. Even though life has been, is, and will be tough, I'm anticipating a wonderful life with "our" family. I mean, it will be interesting to see in 18 years "if" and where we are, also "who" we are. It's very strange being a parent, knowing basicly everything about someone, yet not knowing anything. It's also strange to wonder how you'll turn out. Whether you are calm/outgoing, rough and tough/little princess that always wants to look pretty, what kind of music you like (if you like it), among many other things....ok, I'm back I just had to grab some formula and change a wet diaper!! Yeah, your dad is weird.

From that note, I want to do the normal parent thing and say that your mom and I do and always will love you, no matter what!! I also want to tell you to be careful, because as soon as you develop a conscience, you have a choice to make. (although this is probably one of many letters) I want to let you know that God will always be with you. I'm not sure when you will get this, but Lily  I love you and I hope that when you read this, you have made the right choice. I also hope that your mother and I did and are still doing our best to help God (this sounds wierd) guide you and also any siblings you may have.
Well, Daddy is very tired and hoping you don't wake up tonight, so I guess i'll see you again in another letter. Love you.

Love forever,
your daddy,
Christopher Nicholas Sandretzky

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