Lily's Milestones: September 2009: 26 months

Lily's Milestones

september 3rd:

-you remember a lot of things from movies. If we tell you something once, you'll remember it the nest time you watch the movie--even if it's two weeks later.

- you always ask 'what's that?'

-you put words and small sentences together all by yourself. Not only do you repeat almost everything we say, but youusually change it around and say it your way. you also make up your own sentences and add in words and things you remember from the past.

-you can almost say every word with 4 or less syllables so that it is understandable. Not neccessarily so it's perfect English, but Mom and Dad can usually understand you -- especially Mom. Others have a harder time.

-you love to run around and try to skip. You kind of bounce up and say 'sha', 'sha' for skip, skip!

-you love cows! you "moo" all the time and usually you plug your nose and do it because that's what Mom did once!

-right now you love, love, love chocolate milk!

-you love watching Winnie the Pooh. Tigger is your favorite. You love to bounce like him. You know all of the characters names: bear (pooh), tigger, piglet, donkey (eeyore), owl, rabbit & roo. You havent' ever said Kanga and I think you said Christopher Robin one day.

-you will randomly repeat things we say.

-you love trains!! When you hear one you always say 'choo choo'! And you always know when we drive under a train track -- which is strange because you can never see the tracks or the train, we've never told you they are train tracks and you never call an overpass a train track. ??

-you can put in a movie, push play, turn on the TV and take a tape out. (with a tiny bit of help)

-you like to play with your kitchen and take care of your dolls- changing them, rocking the, feeding them and doing everything I do with Elizabeth.

-You've started to copy our actions. if we do something you'll do the exact same thing.    9/21


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