Lily's Milestones: July 2010


- you can color inside the lines now! You do such a good job at it!

- you heard a song on the intercom in the store that Mom and Dad listen to all the time,
and you started singing it. You were trying so hard to sing along,, it was neat to see you remembered us listening to that song.   7/27

- you run to the bathroom when you have to poop and say "oh no I have to poop, poop, poop!"

- you repeat a lot of what people say, the exact words. We've had to correct you a few times because you've heard people say 'oh my god' and you've said it. We tell you that saying that hurts God's heart because we are saying His name in a mean way; and you always stop. You haven't done it now for a long time. I'm so glad you don't pick up on swear words and listen when we say those words are bad!

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