Elizabeth's Milestones: October 2009: two months


-first snowfall    10/8
-first cold fall day   10/8
-1st party               10/3
-1st day at Church        10/18: -with mom, lily and aunt crysta
-1st time at Grandpa Chennaux's grave      10/17
-1st big laugh             10/21 
-1st big smile                10/22 -while playing with Daddy
-1st Drool bubbles           10/22
-1st spit on Dad  :)         10/22
-1st grabbed at bottle        10/22
-1st owie        10/23   -lily stepped on you :( 
-Sat up by herself, leaning back against mom   10/28
-grabbed bottle with two hands          10/28
-1st sucked on fists             10/27

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