Christopher Baby BullDog: Pregnancy

Pregnancy Milestones

 -Lily tried feeling you kick     3/8

- We asked Lily if she wanted a baby brother or sister and she said "no I have baby." (meaning Elizabeth). And then we said "Well we're gonna get a new one", and she got really uspest and yelled "No! We gotta keep her -- she's not broken!! She's Okay!" 
haha. poor girl, she thought that we were going to throw away Elizabeth and get a new baby!    3/6

- 1st Doctors appointment: April 9th, 2010 Friday at 2pm

-1st ultrasound: April 9th, 2010 Friday at 11 am

- 1st time we heard your heartbeat (by fetoscope) on June 19th

- 1st hiccuped on April 27th at 8pm

- 2nd doctor appointment: April 28th

- April 28th: heartbeat 144 bpm, fundal height: 26cm, weight: 152.5

- dropped   6/10  (felt so sick!)
-weigth: 160.6 #

-1st kicked Mom in the ribs   6/11

-BIG drop  6/12

-Midwife appointment: 6/19, fundal height 31cm, 3 almost 4 cm dilated

-Midwife appt: 7/3, fundal height 33cm, heartbeat 120 bpm

-Grandma and Grandpa Chennaux felt you hiccup and they thought it was so neat :)    7/5

- three really really strong contractions, lost some mucous. Dad checked and I was dilated to 6cm!  7/18

-Elizabeth gets kicked by you all the time! She seems very used to it and doesn't even flinch when you kick her hard!

-Elizabeth will scratch at my tummy and giggle a little. I think she knows in some way or another that you are a baby and not just a big tummy! Sometimes she will scratch at my tummy if we ask where baby is. :)

-We bought a little bulldog stuffed puppy for you on 7/19. Lily took it and is taking care of it for you until you come out! She's so proud.  :)

-There are times when I can feel my stomach 'breathing', it moves by itself ... like a slow heartbeat. Jasmine (our midwife) says she thinks it's probably the cord pulsating!! It is so neat to feel!

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